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Digital Services Department: Specialty Printing

The Digital Services Department provides support services for the East Central University campus.

Printing Policies

Projects eligible for free printing:

Large format printing:

  • Research posters that will be presented at an event, such as a state/national conference or Oklahoma Research Day
  • Original artwork to be featured in an exhibit

3D printing:

  • Course-related projects
  • Honors projects
  • Other ECU research projects

If you are unsure if your project is eligible for free printing, contact us at or (580) 559-5490.

Large Format Printing

EPSON SureColor P8000 Printer

The Digital Services Department provides large format printing for the ECU campus and the surrounding Ada community. An Epson Stylus Pro 9800 and 9900 are located in the Digital Services Office, and an Epson Surecolor P8000 is located in the Digital Humanities Lab.

Many research and art projects are eligible for free printing. Please consult the Poster Printing Policy for full details. If you are unsure if your project qualifies for free printing, contact the Digital Services Department at or (580) 559-5490.

3D Printing

Dremel Digital 3D45 Printer Formlabs Form 3+ Printer

The Dremel Digilab 3D45 printer (above right) has a maximum build volume of 10" x 6" x 6.7" (254mm x 154mm x 170mm). There are four types of filament available:

  • PLA (biodegradable plastic)
  • ECO-ABS (modified version of PLA with added strength and durability)
  • PETG (durable, temperature resistant, smooth surface finish, less warping)
  • Nylon (slightly flexible, more durable, low friction coefficient)

The Formlabs Form 3+ printer (above right) has a maximum build volume of 5.7" x 5.7" x 7.3" (145mm x 145 mm x 185 mm). We currently have two general-purpose resin types available: Grey and Clear.

For help with 3D printing specifications, you can schedule a one-one-one appointment with the Digital Services Librarian.

Color Laser Jet Printing

Color Laser PrinterThe library has two color laser printers, one in the Digital Services Office and one in the Digital Humanities Lab.

Prints are $0.50 per page. Some research and art projects may be eligible for free color printing. Ask the Digital Services Department for details on what qualifies for free printing at or (580) 559-5490.