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Library Employees: Information

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Photo Directory

The Employee Photo Directory can be found at K:\Staff Contacts\Directories\Photo Directory.

Library Forms

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University Forms & Resources

Librarians' Duties

Leave Requests, Reports, and Non-Exempt Time Sheets

Time off should only be requested for personal reasons. If the university closes for inclement weather, power outages, or other reasons, you do not need to request time off. Simply mark these hours on your non-exempt time sheets under OTHER. In the case of known holidays, the hours should already be populated on the time sheet under HOLIDAYS.

Travel Information

Travel requires three things:

  1. How to get there:
    • Reserving a school vehicle is the best and most economical option
    • Using your own vehicle - this option will only be reimbursed if proof provided that a school vehicle is unavailable (i.e., email from motor pool)
  2. Travel Request form
    • All travel, regardless of length of stay or destination, must be preceded by an approved request form (see University Forms and Resources)
    • Make an appointment with the director's assistant to complete the form, ensuring all documentation is attached
      • The assistant will email the form, copying the requester, to the motor pool
      • The assistant will add vehicle information to the form
      • If reimbursement of any kind is requested, the assistant will email the form and attached documentation to the Purchasing Office
  3. Reimbursements
    • If reimbursements are requested (mileage, hotel, airfare, per diem, etc.):
      • The requester must inform the assistant that they have returned from travel and provide any needed documentation (hotel bill, baggage claims, transportation receipts, etc.)
      • The assistant will complete reimbursement documentation and send to the Purchasing Office
    • It is the sole responsibility of the requester to provide ALL needed documentation and receipts