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Departments: Technical Services

Information for the public about the library departments.

Technical Services Summary

Technical Services oversees a variety of tasks that support library services including:

  • Cataloging
  • Government Documents
  • Special Collections
  • Library Systems
  • Book Repair

Textbook Depository for Curriculum Review

Linscheid Library serves as a State Textbook Curriculum Review Center for Congressional District #4.  For more on the Oklahoma State Textbook Committee, you can visit their website.  To view electronic versions of some of the materials, visit University of Central Oklahoma's Chambers Library website.  At this time, appointments are required to view the physical material at Linscheid Library.  Contact Megan Hasler to set up an appointment.


A major focus of Technical Services is cataloging.  Cataloging involves putting information about available resources in the library's catalog so it can be searched online, and preparing items for the shelf.

Special Collections

The Special Collections area at Linscheid Library is home to a variety of unique materials, like rare books, photographs, manuscripts, letters, scrapbooks, and business records.

While emphasizing materials of local and regional interest, the collection has a wide reaching scope. Enthusiasts of history, religious studies, literature, and others will be sure to find something of interest in one or more of the collections.

Because of the unusual and fragile nature of the materials, they are housed in the Thompson Room on the fourth floor of the Linscheid Library. Anyone interested in viewing the Special Collections should contact the Technical Services Librarian at 580.559.5229.

Special Collections

Government Documents

Linscheid Library is a part of both the Federal and State Government Document programs.  This means that the library receives documents from both the Federal and State governments that are provided so that government information is easily available.  


Library Systems

The library uses a variety of unique computer systems and programs to function on a daily basis.  Some of these include the library website, the library catalog, and SpringShare programs which bring such features as the chat option.  

Book Repair

At times books in the library collection have damage that can be repaired, rather than requiring the purchase of a new copy.  Possible repairs include gluing in loose pages, taping torn spines, and creating boxes to contain books from Special Collections which should not be repaired and need protection.


Megan Hasler's picture
Megan Hasler
Technical Services Librarian
Linscheid Library, Room 208A
Pronouns: she/her/hers


Barry Hardwick
Technical Services Assistant