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Open Educational Resources: Create OER

Guides to Creating OER

OER Instructional Design

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Infographic from BC Campus, used under CC 4.0 By License. Content in infographic from Wikibooks:Textbook considerations and is used under CC BY-SA 3.0 Licence


5 Rules of Textbook Development:

  1. The rule of frameworks means maintain a consistent structure. The text can best aid understanding by making this framework visible early on.
  2. The rule of meaningful names means create and use consistent titles and terminologies. The names are critical to the ability to recall or retrieve the things we know and remember.
  3. The rule of manageable numbers means limit the amount of new information introduced at one time.
  4. Rule of hierarchy means new knowledge builds on learned knowledge. The student needs to understand the foundational knowledge before being introduced to a new concept. When new concepts are introduced the should be explicitly connected to the foundational material.
  5. The rule of repetition means repeat important concepts. There is a pattern of repetition that aids in promoting the elements of a subject from short-term to long-term memory.

Student Consent Forms

Faculty at ECU who wish to create an OER with students will need to explain open licensing to their students and have them give consent or not through the Student Consent form in Etrieve. Copies of the forms are provided here for reference. 

Creating Interactive OER

Creating OER and Combining Licenses

OER Authoring Tools


Publishing OER

Other OER Authoring Tools

OER Publishing Tools