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Open Educational Resources: Find OER

Determination of Materials as OER, Low-cost materials or Commercial Text. How much will it cost the student to obtain it? 1.$40.01 or more? It is not an OER, in the Public Domain or low-cost materials. 2.$0.01-$40.00? It would be considered low-cost materials. 3.Is it Free? If the materials are free, consider copyright. 1.If it is under Creative Commons licensing and has five elements (retain, reuse, revise remix, and redistribute), it is considered an OER. 2.If it falls under the Public Domain, the material is considered an OER. 3.If the material is Open Access (I.e., author or publisher retains copyright), and use of the material would fall under Fair Use—it is not an OER. 4.If the material is provided by the library (journal articles, streaming videos, excerpts), it is low-cost materials because students pay library fees.


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