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CETL Faculty Pages

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Creating Syllabi & Rubrics

Syllabi at ECU contain the following information: 

  1. Course information
    • Instructor and contact information
    • Catalog description of course
    • Any pre- or co-requisites
    • Textbooks and/or necessary course materials
    • Outcomes and/or standards
  2. ECU Policies
    • Student Code of Conduct
    • Disability Services
    • Academic Integrity 
    • Expressive Activity Policy
    • Title IX information
    • Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Stress Management Statement
  3. Course Policies
    • Attendance
    • Late and/or makeup work
    • Technology requirements (if there are any)
    • Course communication
    • Participation (if applicable)
    • Netiquette statement (if applicable)
    • General Education statement (if applicable)
  4. Course Evaluation
    • Assignments
    • Grading scale
    • Information regarding assessment and evaluation
  5. Course Schedule

For more information or for help crafting a syllabus, contact CETL.