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How to Activate your VidGrid Account

Student Step-By-Step Guide:

Step by Step (should only have to login ONCE per Bb course and then it will recognize you after that):

  1. When asked to log-in to VidGrid from a quiz or video an instructor posts… chose “Enterprise Login” 
  2. enter your email slowly with the suffix BUT pause as it will “recognize” you and only leave your prefix identifier
  3. Now (after it recognized you it only leaves your login prefix) you enter your ECU password: try closing and opening the Bb link to video again now that you are seamlessly logged on.
  4. Here is the Enterprise login for ECU:


SPECIAL NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: EMAIL ADDRESS must match across all three platforms (Bb/VidGrid/Zoom)

Here is the Enterprise login for ECU: 


You can do the following to login to VidGrid:

Log in to Blackboard>My Blackboard>look for the TOOLS Module>Scroll to VidGrid Portal>Click>It will take you out to the Enterprise Sign on Page


Download Your Recording from Zoom and store them in VidGrid

Find and download your Cloud Recordings from Zoom:

1.   Go to>login

2.   Click on My Recording>click the meeting session you want to download

3.   Click the three dots to the right of the recording

4.   Click Download

5.   Your recording will download to your computer in your downloads area or to your C drive

6.   Find & Select your recording and upload to a secure location for sharing: VidGrid Storage- log in to your VidGrid Account> Click the *Upload Icon at the top of the screen


7.   Delete your recording from the Zoom cloud storage(Storage Limited)


How to Embed Video/Recordings from VidGrid/Zoom to Blackboard

VidGrid Video Tracker (students)


Creating a Student Video Record Link

Asking Students to Record a Video Assignment: Create a Guest Link in VidGrid>open your VidGrid Account>click the down arrow next to My Grid>Scroll to Guest Record Link>Click and pick up the URL LInk>use the HTML Embed icon in the Text Editor Box to deploy the Record Button for students to record their Video Assignment


Adding In-Video Questions

Creating Video Quizzes that record Scores in Bb grade Center

  2. Go to where you want to create the Quiz in your shell
  3. Go to Build Content>VidGrid Quiz
  4. Type in the title of the VidGrid Quiz
  5. Then click on that title>go out to your VidGrid Account and select your VidGrid Quiz>Below the Video it will say"attach this to an assignment">Click on this to attach
  6. Now your assignment is attached to the VidGrid Quiz assignment in Bb
  7. Go back to Bb where your Video Quiz Title is found>
  8. In the text box you can give your student direction for the video and assign grade enable and points plus a due date