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Academic Technology Advisory Committee Description and Charges

Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) is composed of the following entities: 

  • Academic Technology Group from IT & CETL: ex-officio
  • Faculty: 3 faculty members from each college (LMS Liaison: 1 from each college named prior to placement) / 1 Librarian 
  • Staff: Rotation as needed determined by current academic issues: necessary staff (professional/support) for consultation on current academic technology issues with the number of staff contingent upon those issues at hand. Typically, 2-4 staff members serve at a time.  
  • Administrators: 2 (Dean of the Graduate School and Alt. Admin. with preference for Dean/Chair)
  • Students: 1 HelpDesk Center Student and 1 online student


The ATAC has the following charge:

The Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC) will serve as a representative body consisting of faculty and staff members charged with making formal recommendations concerning academic technology, assessment technology, quality online/blended, enhanced courses, policy decisions, and strategic planning to the university’s Chief Information Officer (CIO).  The ATAC is charged with the following initiatives: 

  • Review, analyze, and make recommendations concerning current academic technology.
  • Research and monitor emerging technologies and make appropriate recommendations to CIO.
  • Assist in developing policy regarding academic technology.
  • Work with Information Technology and CETL to improve the quality of online/blended and other digital course delivery.
  • Assist in strategic planning efforts for academic technology.