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Exams in The Ultra Course View

  1. Reuse Questions from the Question Banks> In an Assessment.
  2. Select the + icon wherever you want to reuse questions or assessment content.
  3. Select Reuse Questions from the drop-down menu The copied questions and content are inserted at this point in the assessment.
  4. They can be edited also at this point

While it is true that adjusting test points in Ultra is normally done one question at a time, you can create a pool (example: multiple choice pool) deploy as a pool in your Test and you CAN then adjust all the points for the pool at once.

You could then add other types of questions that you want to be worth differing points before or after the pool of equal points multiple choice.

Also, please be aware that ECU (East Central University) provides the software platform Respondus 4.0 in which you can create, edit, and store your tests. Those can be uploaded to Ultra through a manual process.