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Blackboard Ultra Gradebook Training:

Gradebook Settings and Options 

  • Set-up your Gradebook by creating an Overall Grade> this is a running total of all the items that you grade & post 
  • Edit the Overall grade> Select the gear icon to display the Gradebook Settings> Select Manage the overall grade settings> Choose between three options for the Overall Grade Calculations: 
  • Points- clear to students what is worth more and what is worth less> based on total max points 
  • Weighted- weighted overall calculated as a percentage of the final grade worth 100% 
  • Advanced- Use a custom formula 

NOTE* You must give ZEROS if you want those to count against the overall score/grade, you cannot leave the columns blank. 

Viewing the Gradebook

  1. List View (gradable Items): View all coursework and the grading status.
  2. Grid View: Displays student scores for each assignment and which assignments need grading.

In Ultra Course View, you first grade, then you need to POST the grade for students to see the grade. When you have finished grading, all attempts marked Complete will appear at the top of the grade column.

NOTE: New Submission with a Posted Grade
NOTE: Possibly limit the number of attempts students can make as you will need to grade all attempts before a Complete is given in the column.

Multiple Attempt Grading

You can grade an assignment with multiple attempts from the same places you grade an ordinary assignment:

  1. The Activity Stream
  2. The Gradebook
  3. The Assignment

Final Grade Pill & Override Notation

The Final Grade pill supersedes all other grades and attempts. If you see an Override notation next to the Final Grade, this means you manually entered it instead of grading student submission attempts.

Release Conditions for creating Assignments/Assessments

You can find release date/time settings under Set additional conditions.


Please be aware that this is not like Bb Original View, this causes the material to be hidden from the student view along with their grade and feedback.

Flexible Grading

Grading Status

Grading Status in the Submissions Area

Grading directly from an assignment

Select the submissions tab to see which students have completed the assignment and start grading


  • Complete: You finished grading. (Note: if you manually zero override and allow late submissions you will need to go back and filter to see those submissions).
  • All Graded: There are no student submissions currently.
  • Override: You manually typed in a grade (this supersedes all other grades).
  • Automatic Zero: For this grade column you checked the box that all users will get an automatic zero for not turning in the assignment.
  • Posted: That students see the grades- You must click POST for students to “see” the grade.
  • Unopened (late): The student has yet to even open the assignment and it is past due.
  • Attempted on (date), (time) (late): You allowed students to submit after the due date.

Grading Status Filter Definitions

  • All Grading Statuses: All the above scenario of definitions.
  • Needs Grading: Student submissions that need grading within the due date timeline.
  • Needs Posting: Grades need posting so students see their grades.
  • Completed: You completed your student submission grades within the grading due date timeline you gave students (note: this does not mean there are no late submissions to grade).
  • Nothing to Grade: No students have submitted currently.