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Helping you help students.

Professional Development Opportunities

The CETL team can help support you with the following teaching and learning workshops for your department or team. Please contact us at x521 to discuss your unique needs. 

Syllabus Creation & Organization

This workshop helps instructors create syllabi for new or revised courses with organizational design principles in mind.

Curriculum Mapping & Alignment

Designing a new course? This workshop is for you! CETL will help you articulate the most important aspects of your course through a course map.

Lesson Planning

Being a content expert doesn’t always mean you have to be an education expert. Let CETL help you design lessons that are engaging and interactive.

Rubric Creation

Ever look at a student’s paper and wonder what score to give it? Wonder no more! In this workshop, CETL will help you create detailed grading guides that suit your teaching style and your students’ needs.

Evaluation and Feedback

Not sure what to write on a student’s paper other than “good job”? In this seminar, CETL will help you give relevant and useful multi-modal feedback.

Active Learning

Are your students disengaged? Want them to take ownership of their own learning? In this workshop, CETL will share ways to make your class more exciting.

Utilizing Blackboard for Course Design

Blackboard isn’t just for online courses. This workshop will examine exciting ways to use Blackboard for your face-to-face classes.

Teaching Techniques

Tired of lecturing? Want to spice things up in your face-to-face, online, or blended class? In this seminar, CETL will show you ways to improve course delivery.

Blackboard for Beginners

This workshop is a crash course in all things Blackboard, including how to use the grade center effectively, create assignments, use Safe Assign, message students, and post announcements.

Blackboard for the Advanced

In this workshop, CETL will show you some cool tips and tricks for advanced Blackboard users, including customizing the MyCourses list, new box view features, column stats, items analysis, creating embeds, and more!

Technology Tools and Software for the Classroom

In this workshop, CETL will show you tools and software that can be used to enhance and extend the classroom experience, including Office 365 apps, Zoom, Kahoot, and more!

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Making content accessible to all learners is important in educational equity. In this workshop, CETL will show you how to make your digital materials accessible to all.

Using Open Education Resources (OER)

As the prices of textbooks continue to soar, OER may be the answer for retaining students. CETL will give you some tips and OER sites so you can begin utilizing this resource.

Soft Skills

Soft skills can include many areas of competency—communication skills, difficult dialogues, autonomy, time management, etc. This Soft Skills course can be tailored for instructor-to-student and colleague-to-colleague interaction.

Classroom Management

Not unlike the K-12 classroom, managing the college environment can be challenging at times. In this seminar, CETL will share tips and tricks for remembering student names, communicating with students, leveraging diversity in the classroom, and facilitating group work interactions.

Teaching iGens

Millennials are exiting, and iGens are entering the college classroom. Learn how to reach this new generation of learners in this hands-on seminar that centers on theory from Jean Twenge, William Strauss, and Neil Howe.