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Assignments in Ultra

Assignment Settings

  • Quick access to the basic settings will be displayed under Assignment Settings.
  • To see more details, select the Settings icon under Details & Information
    • From here you can set a due date
    • If you do not have a due date, remove the date from the field by selecting it and deleting it.

PLEASE NOTE: Graded assignments will be added to your gradebook automatically and categorized by item type.

The Difference Between Assignments and Assessments

  • Assignments and Tests share the same interface, options, and are grouped together under Assessments in Course Content, under the Items Panel.
  • Many options will depend on whether or not you have at least 1 question.
    • So, if no question is added and you include instructions for uploading a file, this is an assignment 
  • For a test, you will add a question or series of questions.

Including Directions on the Ultra-Course Content Page for Assignments/ Assessments 

To create a simple, streamlined, and modern look, there is a 750-character limit for each description box under content creation. So, if you want users to see the directions in the Course Content Area Page, use the Assignment Settings Cog Wheel > Description Box > Type in the directions> Save.

OR, to move toward the streamlined approach, attach a file/ document that students can open that explains what to do to successfully complete the assignment/assessment.