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Zoom is web-conferencing software used at ECU. Zoom can be used to share your screen, capture video, or create a virtual meeting.

  • To get started with Zoom, you will need to have a Zoom Pro account. Contact CETL to create your account.
  • You will then receive an automated email from Zoom asking you to create a password.
  • After this step is complete, you will be able to log in and start using Zoom.
  • If you need further assistance, contact CETL and we will be able to help you with a quick one-on-one tutorial.

FYI: To participate in someone else's Zoom, you do not need to have a Zoom Pro account set up. You will simply have to click on the Zoom link you have been sent.

How Should I Record My Meetings/Classes?

  1. Use the “Local Recording”- this captures the recording directly to the host’s computer, which creates a movie file for uploading to a secure location. (Office 365 Stream or Blackboard)

  2. Use the “Cloud Recording”-this captures the recording directly to zoom’s cloud server (limited storage). Delete these recordings after downloading the video file. Upload to a secure location to save and share. (Office 365 Stream or Blackboard)

Find and Download your Cloud Recordings from Zoom:

  1. Go to>login

  2. Click on My Recording>click the meeting session you want to download
  3. Click the three dots to the right of the recording
  4. Click Download
  5. Your recording will download to your computer in your downloads area or to your C drive
  6. Find & Select your recording and upload to a secure location for sharing
  7. Delete your recording from the Zoom cloud storage

Zoom Video Help: