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Using Zoom w/ Mersive Solstice


Audio Not Playing

Be sure you are sharing your desktop (or Media file if streaming a local file from your computer).

App Window is designed to only share an app window's video content; it will not carry audio.

Be sure Desktop Audio is toggled ON within the Solstice platform.

Do not mute your device while Solstice is active. When you toggle audio ON in Solstice, it automatically mutes your computer audio to prevent echoing. Toggling mute on/off via laptop function key will confuse the Solstice app as to the current state of your computer's sound. Use the Solstice app's controls for turning audio on/off, and use the volumne controls within the browser or app to fine tune the volumne levels.


Video Streaming is Choppy (Media File Icon is used for "Locally Stored Videos" )

1. Restart your device. 

2. If playing a local video from your computer, use VLC Player.


Stream YouTube Videos directly to the pod using the iOS YouTube App 

Open and play the video from your desktop, then share your desktop to the display with audio (images need to have dimensions smaller than 10,240 pixels)

Open and play the video on a mobile device and mirror your screen to the display


Unable to Extend PowerPoint in Presentation Mode

Use a wired connection as a work around for now.