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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I can't see the menu panel in Blackboard. What do I do?

A: On the Course Management Panel, choose Control Panel > Customization > Teaching Style. Scroll to Select Menu Style > Style > Click the text radial button > Click the down arrow next to the color icons for background color. Select a new color and click apply in the new window. Click submit. See the screenshot below for further viewing details: 

Q: What are the options for multiple and single attempts and the Grade Center?

A: Here is a link to show all of the options: Multiple Assignment Attempts

Q: How do I upload or download Grade Center Items for Working Offline?

A: Click on this link to get the full how to on Uploading or Downloading Grade Center Items

Q: How do I override grades?

A: Click on this link to get the full how to on Overriding Grades

Q: How do I make the side menu panel "stick"?

A: Use the top arrow up arrow down icon that reads: keyboard accessible reordering-menu items (red arrow pointing to it)

menu panel with arrows point to keyboard accessible reordering menu items

Highlight "Resources" and use the down arrow icon to move it and then hit submit. This will reorder the way you want it to. 

reorder menu items