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How do I log in to VidGrid for the first time to activate my account?

Watch A Video:


Third Party Cookies Blocked

Enabling browser cookies to login and view/create videos.

Written by Glenn Oslin

When accessing VidGrid through an LMS (Canvas, D2L, Blackboard, Moodle, etc), sometimes a user will get stuck on a login message that says "Click to Continue" when trying to record or view a video. If you click the button and nothing happens, this is because the browser cookies are being blocked. Here are the instructions for each browser to accept third party cookies for



Can I create videos with Blackboard?

Yes! You are given access to a Student Creator account, so you can record and upload your own videos to VidGrid.

Upload a Video in Bb as an assignment:

How do I record a video in Vidgrid?

  1. Click the record button on the VidGrid main page.
  2.  If this is the first time you're using VidGrid to record, it will ask you to download the VidGrid Screen Recorder, which is an app for your computer that lets you record your webcam and desktop through VidGrid.
  3. Once the Screen Recorder opens, it will have the following display, along with a resizable window that shows what will be captured in your recording.
    1.  The microphone icon allows you to select which audio input device you are using to record audio.
    2. The webcam icon allows you to select between Webcam Only Mode, None (screenshot only) or to select a specific webcam (which gives you a screenshot with a small "picture in picture" display of your webcam).
    3. The record button allows you to start recording.
    4. The icon showing a box will automatically size your capture window to the entire screen.
    5. The gear icon is the options.
  4. Once you get your video and audio settings how you want them, click the record button and you'll receive a quick countdown, after which you can begin recording.

How do I control the VidGrid Recorder while I’m recording?

The Vidgrid Recorder interface changes while recording to allow you to control your display.

  1. The paintbrush icon lets you draw on your screen.
  2. The webcam icon, as before, allows you to change between webcam, screen, and a mix of the two.
  3. The pause button lets you pause recording without ending the recording. Use this to bring new things into frame or change your view without showing the transition. Think of it as in-camera editing.
  4. The trashcan icon with an X can be used to end and discard the current recording.
  5. The checkmark ends the recording and brings up a small window to name your new recording before uploading it to VidGrid.

How do I organize files in VidGrid?

You can use folders to keep your files organized.

  1. Click the Plus Icon next to record and select “New Folder”.
  2. Type in the name for your folder.
  3. Click “Add Folder”.
  4. You can now drag and drop files into this folder to keep them organized.

How can I learn more about VidGrid?

If you’d like to get started exploring the functions of VidGrid, you can find tutorials here: