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FAQ ECU (Technology)

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  • FAQs - I was in the middle of taking a test or writing a post when I lost everything.
    • Contact your instructor immediately

Here are some reasons why you might lose information that you are entering in Blackboard Learn:

  • The internet connection dropped
  • The browser was refreshed
  • Your browser timed out due to inactivity

The following tips can help you avoid this issue in the future:

  • Use a wired connection if possible
  • Do not refresh the browser page
  • Do not close the browser window
  • Do not click the browser's back button
  • If possible, write out the text in an external application and then paste it into Blackboard Learn
  • If you are working on assignments, save your work often

Google Docs Conversion to a Readable File for Bb Upload

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other Google apps save documents in Google’s own file formats by default.

You will need to download these documents to your Office 365 Microsoft Office Word files area.

1. Go to your Google Drive website> login to your Account> Locate the document

2. Right-click the selected document>Select Download

3. Select the file to download as a .docx file or download file and re-save as a .docx file in your Microsoft Office 365 Word Area

4. Upload the .docx document into the Blackboard Assignment area