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Here are some steps to take to get answers you need.

  1. Contact your Instructor: Check the syllabus for instructions on how to reach your instructor
  2. Try to use the resources available on campus: library or labs-See Links on the MAIN Page
  3. Contact the Help Desk: 580-559-5884 or


Minimum Technology Requirements:
Students enrolled in East Central University’s online courses must have reliable access to a computer and high-speed Internet access. E-mail and Internet connections are a primary means of participating in courses and are thus necessary and significant contributors to academic success.

Students enrolled in online courses are expected to have basic operational skills in using Blackboard, internet web browsers, Microsoft Suite 365, generic computer technical skills and programs listed by the instructor in the course syllabus. Any issues running programs are expected to be taken care of promptly by the student by contacting IT (ECU, Blackboard or additional IT resources listed in your syllabus) at the linked and listed contacts in the Blackboard course shell. Students should reference the course syllabus in the first week to assess and ensure compliance with additional electronic expectations or programs such as webcam requirements, Respondus programs or other technology requirements.