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Linscheid Library

Services: Digital Services

This page describes various services offered by the Linscheid Library, and links to a number of forms available for patron use.

Media Transfer

Media Transfer

The Media Services Department can transfer older media to newer media, both video and audio.  Examples of this are:


VHS tape --> DVD
8mm Video --> DVD
Audiocassette --> CD
Vinyl Records --> CD


Transfers are done free of charge when blank media is provided.  Blank discs can be purchased at Media Services for $2.

Photo by Charlynn Estes

Media Duplication

The Media Services Department can make copies of CDs or DVDs for East Central University faculty, staff, and students, as well as the general public. 

Duplication is done free of charge when blank media is provided.  Blank discs are $2 each when purchased from the Media Services Department.

Copyright Notice

Please note that transfer and duplication services are subject to physical and copyright restrictions.

Editing Facilities


The Media Services Department provides access to an iMac computer with Final Cut Pro software, available to East Central faculty, staff, and students.

Please contact the Media Services Department at 580.559.5490 to schedule times for editing.