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CETL: New Faculty Orientation

Your guide to ECU

Campus Email

Your campus email address is

Email can be accessed either through the Outlook application on your office computer or from, which will take you to ECU's Office 365 portal. You can also access your campus email, Blackboard, MyECU, and the Password Reset form from the Login page on the ECU webpage. See the screenshot below: ECU login page

ECU uses SpamGuard to help stop unwanted emails from ending up in your inbox. Be sure to check SpamGuard and your "Junk" folder in Outlook as valid emails occasionally end up in one of these locations.



MyECU is the web-based portal used at ECU for both faculty and students. You will use this system for a variety of purposes, including the following tabs:

MyECU tabs

  • Faculty tab: retrieve your roster, submit mid-term and final grades, allow course authorizations (if you allow a student to enroll in your closed class). Please note, the faculty tab is slow to load.
  • Advisor tab: This is where you will access your advisee information. You won't need to use this until the spring at the earliest, maybe not until next Fall. In fact, you may not even see this tab until you have been cleared for advising.
  • Employee tab: Here you may sign up for emergency notifications, see your payroll information, and submit maintenance requests.
  • My Groups link: Many committees on campus use the "My Groups" feature to create a shared space for committee members.
  • ECU Information tab: Much information on ECU's website is in the process of being migrated to MyECU. This includes employee forms, academic calendars, etc.
  • Tiger Bulletin Board: If you would like to make an all-campus announcement for a fundraiser, campus event, etc., you can do that by clicking on "Tiger Bulletin Board."
  • Miscellaneous tabs: You may have other tabs on your MyECU or additional resources within your tabs. For example, if you are a former ECU student, you will have a Student tab. If you have administrative responsibilities, you may see all courses within your department under the Faculty tab.
  • Campus Announcements: If you want to make an all-campus announcement (fundraiser, event, etc.) you may do so on the MyECU Tiger Bulletin Board.  Log into MyECU and selct "add a new post."


 ECU uses Blackboard as its Learning Management System. Most ECU courses receive a standard Blackboard shell automatically. If you would like a shell for your course or if you need a development shell to work in, please fill out this form.

If you need assistance setting up your online, blended, or enhanced course, the CETL Pages for Faculty are a valuable resource. Additionally, you can contact CETL for assistance in designing your course.


Jenzabar is the university's system that runs admissions, registration, the bursar, purchasing, etc.  MyECU is the public portal side of Jenzabar.  In some instances a faculty member will need access to the business side of Jenzabar (generally if you have purchasing, budget or administrative responsibilities).  If you need this access, work with your department chair or dean to obtain the necessary permissions and technology.  This login may be a separate username/password, although you can request the same username and set the same password as your standard login.