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Halloween Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Participate

About the Contest

EXTENDED to October 31st!

Halloween Virtual Scavenger Hunt

October 26-30


Jack-o-lanternsHow to participate

  1. From the tasks listed below, choose which you would like to complete. 
  2. Follow the instructions in the task. If the instructions are vague, use your imagination!
  3. Submit a photo as stated in the task using the form below by Oct. 30th.


  1. The top three people with the most tasks completed will win a prize! Must be an ECU Community member to win a prize.
  2. If there is a tie, the library staff will vote on which tasks are most creative in following the prompt. 

Coloring Sheets

Ink bottle spilling into the shape of an octopusArt Tasks

Task 1

Create "spooky art" made out of trash.

Task 2

Create a Tolkein-style adventure map of campus.

Task 3

Let's see a picture of your favorite hero (real-life or fictional) destroying the evil COVID. You may use any medium you like: pencils, paints, Photoshop, pet hair, etc.

Task 4

Photoshop yourself into a horror movie scene. If you don't have access to Photoshop, check out GIMP (opens a new tab).

MegaphoneActivism Tasks

Task 5

Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call. Sign up for this app or a similar app. Submit a screen shot of the app open on your phone. 

Task 6

Watch this video Bridging: Towards a Society Built on Belonging. Take a photo of yourself watching it and holding up a note with a word that encapsulates how you feel about what you viewed.

LightbulbPersonal Reflection Tasks

Task 7

Depict something you struggle with (mental health issues, a personal issue, etc) as a strange cryptid (monster) you encountered in the woods. Portray yourself befriending it or defeating it powerfully.

Task 8

Take a selfie that makes you feel confident.

Task 9

Write a handwritten letter to someone who has made an impact on you. Take a photo of you giving the letter to the person it is addressed to.

Cat on a jack-o-lanternJust For Fun Tasks

Task 10

Dress up an inanimate object in a Halloween costume.

Task 11

Depict a Halloween monster being a student, for example, studying/taking a test, presenting, etc.

Task 12

Create a jack-o-lantern face out of Halloween candy.

Task 13

Put a face mask on something in nature.

Task 14

Find 10 different things that are orange and arrange them into a pretty picture.

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Batman punching a corona virus molecule superimposed on a person's head

Nathaniel Berman- Task 3

Cello with black robe and striped scarf like Harry Potter

Dayna Dawson- Task 10

Black fabric and toothpick holder make a grim reaper

Nathaniel Berman- Task 10

Woman with a person with a sheet over their head and sunglasses drinking a juice pouch

Dayna Dawson- Task 4

Spooky pirate with bearded man's face superimposed

Nathaniel Berman- Task 4

Black fabric and chucks of ice make a spooky face

Nathaniel Berman- Task 1

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