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Periodicals & Electronic Resources Department: SIGALO - Serials Interest Group of All Libraries in Oklahoma

A public services unit specializing in a full range of activities associated with periodicals procurement, receiving, bibliographic control, and serial holdings maintenance.


The Serials Interest Group of All Libraries in Oklahoma [SIGALO] exists to address the mutual serials-related interests and concerns of technical personnel and librarians from Oklahoma libraries by providing an informal forum for discussion and a vehicle for cooperation and professional development.

The membership consists of technicians and librarians working in serials-related positions in Oklahoma libraries, including but not limited to: collection development, acquisitions, cataloging, union listing, resource sharing, and research. Membership is initiated by attending a semi-annual meeting of the organization or expressing an interest in being a member. SIGALO is not affiliated with any other organization.

There are no dues for membership. Operational costs, such as mailing, printing, paper, and stationery items, are absorbed by the institutions represented by the SIGALO Program Team. The organization greatly appreciates this and looks forward to continued strong institutional support.

History of SIGALO

The organization initially was formed on November 4, 1993, by serials librarians from four Oklahoma academic institutions.

The interest expressed and the need for this type of organization was evidenced by the favorable attendance at its first two semi-annual meetings and by the strong support received from represented institutions.

The organization's first Fall meeting was held at Oklahoma Christian University on December 3, 1993, when its official name was adopted.  Twenty-two individuals representing eighteen institutions attended.

The organization's first Spring meeting was held at Oklahoma Baptist University on April 15, 1994.  Attendance varied slightly from the Fall meeting, although the number attending and the number of institutions represented remained about the same - twenty-two individuals representing seventeen institutions.

At the Spring 2005 meeting held at Rogers State University, the organization unanimously adopted a name change to reflect the ever-increasing needs of its members.  In order to include all Oklahoma libraries and librarians, the name was changed to the Serials Interest Group of All Libraries in Oklahoma.

At the November 2015 meeting held at the Metropolitan Library Service Center, the organization unanimously agreed to merge the OKULS (Oklahoma Union List of Serials) membership into the SIGALO membership. The OKULS website will remain.


Current Program Team

Bradshaw, Elaine (fall 2015-spring 2017)
Senior Law Librarain for Metadata & Digital Projects
University of Oklahoma
College of Law
405-325-4679 x 48746
Compton, Jennifer (J.J.) (spring 2016-spring 2017)
Technical Services Librarian/Archivist
Tom and Ada Beam Library
Oklahoma Christian University
Kirk, Mary (spring 2016-spring 2018)
Coordinator, Library Systems & Technical Services
Davis, Kirsten (spring 2016-spring 2017)
ILS Administrator
Chambers Library
University of Central Oklahoma


The leadership of SIGALO consists of a four to six member Program Team.

Beginning in 1995, two to three members will be selected annually at the Spring meeting to serve for two consecutive academic years beginning on June 1.  Terms may vary from one to three years at the discretion of the Program Team to facilitate overlap of experienced and continuing members, in the event that circumstances prevent member(s) completing full two year term(s), or to establish the cycle.

The Program Team selects an annual Chairperson for the Program Team who will also serve as a contact person for members.

The Program Team is responsible for the following:

  • Planning the semi-annual meetings
  • Planning or implementing special projects including appointments of Task Forces
  • Leading the informal discussions at semi-annual meetings
  • Appoint ad hoc committees
  • Present or select programs for meetings
  • Select a chair-person to serve for one year