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Linscheid Library

Periodicals & Electronic Resources Department: OKULS - Oklahoma Union List of Serials

A public services unit specializing in a full range of activities associated with periodicals procurement, receiving, bibliographic control, and serial holdings maintenance.


What is the Oklahoma Union List of Serials (OKULS)?

The Oklahoma Union List of Serials (OKULS) is a cooperative project designed to facilitate resource sharing among libraries. An electronic compilation of the periodical holdings of member libraries contained in OCLC, the OKULS makes it possible to identify which library in the state of Oklahoma owns a particular issue of a serial title.

The serials holdings of member libraries are added to the OKULS by members directly inputing their local data holdings into OCLC.

If you need training, please contact Dana Belcher.

Gathering Statistics

If you're tired of keeping your own statistics, let OCLC do it for you.  Simply go to OCLC Usage Statistics,, and use your full cataloging authorization number and password to login.  Click on the plus sign next to Institution, then click on Local Holdings Maintenance Summary Report.  Remember, if you didn't create, edit, or delete LHRs for a particular month, there will be NO report for that month.


Your Oklahoma Union List of Serials allows you access to the Union List's borrowing privileges, the OKULS website, and training from resource personnel at no charge. Your library must pay whatever OCLC charges are incurred by your institution. Your library also gets any credits issued to your institution.